How We GOT Started

April 1st 2002, i washed my first vehicle under my Company Name, 17 years ago!!

Something that i rarely share but is so significant, is that 10 years ago , I lost everything!! Business, Family as i knew it, hope, fight, and will. I took a job as a facility maintenance employee (a janitor) at Temple Baptist Church. It’s was during those days of riding around on that vacuum cleaner in that sanctuary crying, questioning God, talking to God that I slowly start to put the pieces of my dismantled life.

I slowly worked my way out of Temple and back into the detail game. I can honestly say, some of the clients I had wayyyyy back then, are still with me now. That’s mind blowing!! It was only a few years later that i was afforded this great opportunity that is currently before me.

The great opportunity before me is this, I liken it to the Job story , and I consider it very rare. Not only did God allow me to thrive again in my detail business, but i have a great location, my facilities are nicer and bigger, great associates to work with, and an even greater affiliation with many more great people in the Pinebelt area! I just really felt the need to tell those that are connected to me , support me, encourage me, and most of all love me that i appreciate you and please don’t stop.