We use only ecofriendly materials

Besides our basic car wash package, we use the latest cleaning and detailing techniques for exterior paint correcting, and deeper interior cleanings like seat upholstery, and carpet extractions. Try our services once and we are sure you will stay with us for good.  We use only ecofriendly materials so that your vehicle is protected, and not altered in the slightest way.


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Sparkling Car Wash

Your vehicle needs regular cleaning as the headlights may become cloudy. Maybe, already they are starting to be discolored or become yellowish. To ensure that your car passes the MOT test, which is an annual test for vehicle safety and roadworthiness.

We restore your vehicles’ original condition and make sure your headlight is sparkling again like a new car! We will remove all the scratches and scuffs from the headlights so that you are in a better shape fo night driving with increased visibility of night time.